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Case Studies

Value Creation

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Due Diligence & Integration

By harnessing the deep functional expertise of the Patriot team, the client was able to make rapid and informed decisions around strategic growth objectives, and better negotiate deal and investment into target company.

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Strategic Planning

Aligned team, and built a plan that made for more efficient execution which would meet the board of directors annual operating plan.​

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Commercial Strategy

Supported client initiative to review key contracts, bill of material and shipments for compliance to all ITAR contractual requirements for shipments to customers.​

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Engine MRO
Public Company
Quality and Compliance

Able to rapidly drop in, refine quality work instructions, manual, and operating quality practices one week ahead of AS9100 audit, which was successfully passed and single minor finding resolved within one week of audit completion.​

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Raw Materials
Public Company
Technology & Automation

In order to ensure smooth progress of technology development, TRL reviews should be conducted periodically in early phases. Evaluations benefitted client by mitigating risk and establishing goals for technology level improvement. ​

Performance Improvement 

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SIOP & Master Scheduling

Improved inventory positions, WIP in factory was smoothed out and operational throughput increased. Advanced SIOP process with team engagement implemented.​

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Factory Optimization

The company through Patriots leadership and support was able to improve their operational foundation, implement processes, scheduling and shop visual management. They were able to progress to world class activities of implementing TPS, Kaizens and quality clinics.​

Manufacturing Assembly
Site Turnaround

Beginning with the basics, the key to a successful transformation was process implementation, team buy-in, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and accountability from ideation through execution.

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Distribution & MRO
Private Equity
Site Consolidation

By harnessing the expertise of the Patriot team, the client enabled swift execution of strategic consolidation initiatives while preserving their operational focus on day-to-day activities and achieving corporate growth targets.​

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International Aerospace Interiors Supplier
Interim Leadership

By utilizing the expertise of the Patriot team, the client recovered from a significant overdue sales backlog problem, improved customer satisfaction while also freeing up $4.5 million of cash within the first 4 months.​

Supply Chain Optimization

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Strategic Sourcing

The primary purpose of Integrated SCM is to optimize efficiency in all supply chain-related activities. This collaborative organization model ensures a centralized focus upon delivering best value to customers and stakeholders.​

Aircraft in Hangar
Contract Strategy

Assisted with a complex subcontract review project that also included supply chain analysis. Answered critical information requirements for business leaders and maintain business continuity.

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Work Transfer

Completed business transfer of work plan for client to successfully transfer work internationally between facilities with a robust phased gate process.

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Machining Business
Privately Held
Supplier Development

Improved production planning and operating system cadence and activities that yielded a 50% reduction in critical new parts shortages.  On time starts to the shop and completion of First Article Inspections improved overall.​

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Major Structures
Public Company
Supplier Recovery

Improved master schedule position from 16 major assemblies behind schedule to just 1 behind schedule during the duration of the project.  Improvement in the areas of supplier payments was completed by reducing past due accounts payable by 50%.  Overall supplier performance improved where Patriot was no longer needed onsite.​

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