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Sell Side Operational Assessment


June 21, 2024

Service Overview

In this highly adaptive market, precise due diligence has become increasingly important. In order to properly represent the business before the market i.e. potential buyers and the legal system, ownership must possess a complete understanding of their business.

Patriot offers operational assessment to the sell side marketing of business transactions conducting a deep-dive into the company’s:

  • Organizational Structure

  • Organizational Performance

  • Product Portfolios

  • Financial Health

  • Supply Chain

  • Business Development

  • Local Economic Impact

  • Business Opportunities and Risks

Through this wholistic approach, Patriot develops a comprehensive roadmap with key initiatives and their corresponding financial benefits, costs, necessary resources, and timelines to carryout. The client will be equipped to effectively navigate the sell side marketing landscape with a thorough understanding of the current outlook and future potential of their business.


Next Steps

Patriot Industrial Partners has completed +150 projects globally in the service verticals of Value Creation, Performance Improvement, and Supply Chain Optimization. Operational Assessment is part of our Performance Improvement vertical. If your business is in need of the service outlined above, please contact us.

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