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Patriot Adds 3 Business Analysts to the Team

News Release

April 18, 2024

Josh Muck,  Nick Tirabasso, and George Ferguson Join Patriot

Rounding the corner towards year number five, Patriot Industrial Partners has seen tremendous growth as a boutique operations and supply chain advisory firm. In 2024, the same growth trend continues as the company is poised for yet another record year in new client projects. Along with the rapid expansion of its clientele base, the size of the Patriot team has also grown. Patriot is proud to announce the addition of three business analysts, each with excellent skillsets aligned with the company’s objectives to provide its A&D clients with short duration, good value, high impact projects in the areas of Value Creation, Performance Improvement, and Supply Chain Optimization.

Josh Muck is a recent graduate from the University of California, San Diego with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. His expertise lies in his process-driven approach focused on providing quality analysis of manufacturing production processes, enabling companies to implement permanent business solutions and enhancements. He has successfully supported multiple client engagements.  His continued focus will be in factory optimization projects for clients.

Nick Tirabasso recently acquired dual Business Administration degrees from the University of Oklahoma with focuses on Finance and Entrepreneurship.  With experience in portfolio management and financial modeling, his expertise is centered on business strategy and financial analysis.  His focus will be in due diligence and integrations projects.

George Ferguson is the latest addition having graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Economics.  He has worked previously for the Vanguard Group, a leading global investment management firm in financial portfolio management, data management, economic modeling, and forecasting.  His focus will be in strategic planning and supply chain operations.

Patriot Industrial Partners welcomes these bright professionals and anticipates immediate contribution to the company and its aerospace and defense clients.

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