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Strategic Planning

Patriot Insight

February 23, 2024

Recent Client Engagement

Patriot Industrial Partners recently conducted a comprehensive strategy workshop at a Middle Market aerospace manufacturing company. The event’s objectives were to:

  • Analyze the current and future competitive landscape of the industry

  • Evaluate multiple strategic roadmaps

  • Generate the required tools to determine the ideal path for profitable growth

The primary objective of the engagement was to support the development of a compelling business case that supported business growth opportunities.

An initial analysis of the market was put together to support a one-day workshop which was intended to define an effective strategy with supporting data. During the workshop, all growth levers were developed and organized into distinctly different scenarios, each with their associated CapEx requirements, timelines, and returns on investments models.

By harnessing the expertise of the Patriot team, the client received an extensive industry overview consisting of a competitive analysis and supporting data to support multiple business growth scenarios.

Strategic Planning Process

Supporting the development of business cases requires three key components: a comprehensive industry overview, a competitive market analysis, and a strategic workshop.

The industry overview coupled with the competitive market analysis acts as a strong foundation for the workshop where detailed levers and strategies are further developed.


Next Steps


If the focus areas of improvement outlined above match your current needs and would improve the state of your business, please contact us for future engagement opportunities.

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