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May 17, 2024

Project Overview

ASCO is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of large-scale complex structural parts, mechanical assemblies, and major functional components for the aerospace industry. ASCO is part of the Montana Aerospace group, a manufacturer of complex lightweight components and structures for the aerospace industry. With sales of 1.3 billion in 2022, the company has 6800 employees across 22 sites on four different continents. Its value proposition is in designing, developing, and producing revolutionary technologies for the aerospace, electromobility, and energy of tomorrow.

ASCO Canada is located in Vancouver and was established in 2003. The site boasts approximately 127,000 square feet of manufacturing space utilized in the production of large, complex structural parts for both the commercial and defense sectors. The Canada facility specializes in high-speed and hard metal machining. Additionally, established in 2012, the ASCO Stillwater site is approximately 218,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, it is strategically located with close proximity to various major aerospace players. This facility specializes in the machining of large, complex aluminum and hard metal parts, including full vertical integration of processes, tracks machining, and bench assembly with full special processes capability.

Recently, Patriot supported ASCO in a multi-site factory optimization project. During the engagement, the team improved productivity and throughput. The improvements made during the project will enable the team to meet future production rates.

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