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May 09, 2024

Project Overview

Patriot conducted a strategic sourcing project with a Tier 1 company experiencing delivery and quality issues from their forging and casting supply chain segment. The Patriot team employed the following approach as it accomplished project objectives:

  • Initiated a deep-dive into the current market outlook for the forging and casting segment

  • Created cost profile of the production cycle for consideration in the sourcing process

  • Provided a full landscape of available suppliers and new sourcing opportunities

  • Developed additional investment opportunities through M&A ideas or acquiring capacity for alternative sources of supply

The client received thorough knowledge of the suppliers within the forging and casting market segment, including their capabilities and available capacity. The project identified areas to improve the supply chain sourcing strategy.

Strategic Sourcing Process

Leveraging deep industry experience, Patriot deploys various techniques tailored to optimize supply chains. The strategic sourcing process consists of a client supply chain operations review, comprehensive market segment analysis, supplier sourcing activities, and developing options around different cost segments. Projects include technical support, viable sourcing options, and cost strategies.

Next Steps

Patriot Industrial Partners has completed +125 projects globally in the service verticals of Value Creation, Performance Improvement, and Supply Chain Optimization. Strategic sourcing is part of our supply chain vertical Supply Chain Optimization. If your business is in need of the service outlined above, please contact us.

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