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June 19, 2024

Project Overview

Patriot recently completed a project for a private equity A&D manufacturing company to streamline their production control system in anticipation of SIOP (Sales, Inventory, & Operations Planning) implementation. The primary objectives of this engagement included:

  • Update work center and part manufacturing lead-times with existing known information

  • Develop a master production schedule that will optimize work center efficiencies

  • Implement production control and capacity planning based upon due dates

  • Classify each part currently in the backlog by part family and part grouping codes

  • Design a comprehensive throughput model applicable to each work center for a precise annual outlook on capacity and production

Project results will improve planning, scheduling, and lead time projections. It also provided the client the capability to quickly identify target margins and any outliers in each specified category. As a result, they will be able to satisfy customer demand with improved timeliness and profitability.

SIOP and Master Scheduling Process

Many A&D businesses are underperforming due to on-time delivery and inventory turns. These challenges can often be traced directly to a SIOP and Master Scheduling approach that is currently not meeting industry standards. Patriot evaluates existing processes and work to align customer demand with internal supply capabilities. This is achieved through enhancing inventory management, optimizing work-in-progress in factories, and boosting operational throughput.​

Next Steps

Patriot Industrial Partners has completed +150 projects globally in the service verticals of Value Creation, Performance Improvement, and Supply Chain Optimization. SIOP and Master Scheduling is part of our Performance Improvement vertical. If your business is in need of the service outlined above, please contact us.

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